I was doing some research on Casino Royale, yes I know its a bit of an older movie but I had just got around to watching it again and of course could not help but notice the jewelry Vesper Lynd wore in the movie. Now we already knew that Sophie Harley had designed the Algerian Knot necklace worn in the movie but we didn't know that she also designed the earrings that Vesper wore. We found that out by visiting more of her jewelry website to look at some of the commissioned pieces. While there were a few celebrity jewelry pieces listed we couldn't find any other movies where Sophie had contributed her designs but we were impressed with the earrings that were worn in Casino Royale that we placed in our movie clothes and fashion section for the movie.

Then I started to read about Sophie and found out that she also designed pieces for the James Bond movie Quantum of Solace. Which of course led to the headline of this blog posting.

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