How Jewelry and Sunglasses convey a character’s personality

How Jewelry and Sunglasses convey a character’s personality

Accessories are great additions to your wardrobe and various outfits. They can increase the style of the look you are going for and add personality to the clothes you are wearing. One great place to get inspiration on jewelry, sunglasses and other accessories to add to your wardrobe is the movies.

Sandra Bullocks White Watch inThe BlindSide

Movies can provide not only a source of fashion inspiration but also a place for insights into the type of “personality” that wears a certain accessory. A movie’s costume design and wardrobe team work hard with both the film maker and the actors and actresses to achieve a look for a character. Accessories add to this by enhancing the look conveyed by the clothes and helping to visually communicate a character’s personality.

Will Smith Oversized Sunglasses in Hancock

Oftentimes a character’s personality is best expressed through the jewelry they wear or the scarf they have on. These added components can convey facets of an actor or actresses character that add to the dialogue and mannerisms. Think about what Will Smith’s way oversized sunglasses in Hancock or Brad Pitt’s (Tyler Durden’s) coffee cup covered robe in The Fight Club conveyed to you as you watched the movie. Both these wardrobe pieces were used in a manner that helped you quickly deduce more about the movie’s character.

Sandra Bullock Cross Necklace

You can also take a common accessory, used in it’s intended manner and also help define a movie’s character. Think about what Sandra Bullock’s white watch in The Blind Side or her diamond crusted cross in that same movie conveyed to you about her character; Leigh Anne Tuohy. Then there is the unique accessory that helps define the character during a scene or during the whole movie; Cameron Diaz’s shake necklace in the breakup scene in The Holiday and Vesper Lynd’s Algerian knot necklace throughout the James Bond movie Casino Royale are just two examples.

Cameron Diaz Necklace The Holiday

I am sure that like us you often find yourself drawn not only to a character but also to the clothes and fashion style they exhibit. Of course, if it’s a movie you are able to watch multiple time I’m sure you’ll find yourself catching an accessory or other wardrobe piece that can serve as an inspiration to your fashion style and also help project areas of your personality; subtle and of course not so subtle.

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