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If you've been searching the web, asking questions about or looking for info on the wardrobe in the movie The Blind Side then you’re at the right place. If you go and browse our section on The Blind Side wardrobe you’ll find info on the designers and brands you saw in the movie and where to buy the items. Our staff has done the research to provide you info on the brands and designer clothes you saw in the movie and we even provide you options inspired by the movie’s wardrobe.

Sandra Bullock wore at least two watches in the movie. One was a diamond bejeweled gold watch that you may have seen in a few scenes and according to wardrobe was included in some movie scenes but not always in camera. The other watch in The Blind Side was that great white plastic looking watch, again set with what looked like diamonds but what were actually crystals around the bezel.

The funny thing about this watch is that it’s from a company that designed the watch as an irreverent accessory a sort of “anti-luxury” item that has since become a favorite of A-Listers and actresses including Jessica Alba, Uma Thurman and Katie Holmes. Info on Sandra
Bullock’s gold watch and plastic looking white watch
is in our section on the wardrobe, clothes and accessories that you saw in The Blind Side.

Sandra Bullock's Coat in The Blind Side

One thing you will notice when you start reading the details in our section about Sandra Bullock’s clothes in the movie is that it included some famous designers as part of the cast’s wardrobe. Some of these designer fashions are fairly easy to find and some are from fashion designers who are fast becoming household names. The Blind Side used pieces from designers like Vera Wang, Gucci, Oscar De La Renta and Jimmy Choo whose clothes, shoes and designs have all appeared in other movies.

Part of the wardrobe also relied on pieces from designers less familiar to the public but whose pieces have also been in other movies. Designers like Elie Tahari, Catherine Malandrino and Red

To find more information on the clothes in The Blind Side and to really get an appreciation for the wardrobe in other movies you should check out the other movies covered on this section of the site. It’s a great place to go and find fashions inspired by the clothes from the movie and also get info on the brands and designers for the some of the key movie wardrobe pieces. Pieces that helped Sandra Bullock and the cast truly portray the characters in the movie, adding to our enjoyment of the whole movie going experience.

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