Now this one was a little strange for us to work on. The clothes from Rob Zombie's Halloween 2. See to research this movie wardrobe and costumes means we have to watch the movie and well for some of us horror movies are tough watch and even worse, to research. But it seems that there are some great outfits people see in horror movies, that minus the blood, could be worn or added to our own closets. For instance, Prom Night promoted quite a bit of email and questions to our team about the wardrobe and of course some of the prom dresses the characters wore. (Which reminds me the team still needs to update the section on the movie clothes from Prom Night). Anyways, we have been busy researching the clothes in the movie and of course that has required us to look at the movie pics and watch the trailer over and over again to see what else we can add to the wardrobe pieces from H2.

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