Does anyone know the name of the designer and where to buy the beautiful stone pendant that Meryl Streep wore in "Its Complicated".  I would really like to find that pendant, I'm obsessed!!!!

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I am also obsessed with that necklace but haven't been able to find any information about it. I'm pretty sure its Labradorite. But I cant find any for sale online that are even close to that size and quality for under two hundred, and that's without the chain. Most are also cast in silver and her's in the movie is gold. Let me know if you find out any info.
I was also drawn to this pendant, reason being is that I believe this is not a stone at all. I believe this is a Sylkowski Morpho butterfly wing. I Make jewelry using butt.wings from all over the world and this particular wing is my best seller. It is stunning in person. These wings glow more than any stone I have ever seen especially in doors beneath soft lighting. Being that said I could be wrong we all know how movie set lighting can do magical things for skin as well as wardrobe.
Check my site out I have just my basic pieces there but you can see the Morpho there.
p.s Are you sure her necklace is gold? I thought it was silver. I'll have to check it again.
Hope this sheds light
I'm hoping to find out about this necklace too. It was beautiful! I was fairly certain that it was labradorite (spectrolite)... If all else fails I'll try to find a nice piece of labradorite (or maybe a fine piece of moonstone?) and make a pendant myself. The necklace was in yellow gold.
Hi Jackie,
I really think the necklace is a sulkowski Morpho butterfly. I make these in many settings and they are stunning. It caught my eye for that reason, I took notice to a slight variation in the color around edge, moonstone is just not that vibrant.
Again I may be wrong about this but I work with these spectacular beauties and their iridescence glows like no stone I've seen.
I loved so much of the fashion in the movie and I think it was a fantastic cast- I just watched 2 times within 24hrs. Can ANYONE help me find out who the designer is for the cross body bag Meryl wears early in the movie when she's checking into the hotel in NYC. (leather strap, pink handle, & white body)
Hi Jenny
I might be a bit late...I only just saw this movie and fell in love with Meryl Streep's style.
I think I may have found the necklace. It's by Judy Hudson. See the link below.
Look on and there search the movie. They listed her purse, jewelry, and some clothing. I'm still trying to find the cross body bag...
Google- Titanium Druzy or rainbow window Drusy...I saw something like this. I too thought it was butterfly wings pendant. But now that I saw a blue rainbow window druzy-well check it out.
Love that pendant as well.
I design & make fused glass jewelry...I loved the piece and immedialtly thought it was fused glass...but I wil look up the Morpho Butterfly wing...
The necklace is a Peruvian Opal Wisteria pendant by Jamie Joseph. You can probably find it at It's about $2,000. The one Ms. Streep is wearing has a different chain and a "key" type attachment which in my opinion adds a lot to the pendant, but the pendant it's self is very similar to the one at Polyvore. Hope this helps.
Sorry, but the necklace is a sulkowski Morpho butterfly insert. I did my research and found this same pendant and the artist who made it. since this was of no great importance to me just curious I can't remember the name. I made a quick study of this watching the movie due to the fact that I make them also. I could hardly believe my eyes.
An absolutely stunning butterfly. Nature creates the most beautiful works of art! The trick is to harness it, then form it in settings of jewelery, etc... Helpful to you I hope
You're right - Morpho butterfly jewelry is beautiful. Here's where I found the necklace.


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